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An example method may include receiving a request for a token granting permission to perform a network action via a computer network. In response, rate limiters may be identified by generating hash values using hash functions and a network address representing a source network where the hash values identify memory locations for the rate limiters. The rate limiters may have a computer memory capacity to store tokens that are distributed in response to the request. Token balances for the rate limiters may be determined, and permission to perform the network action may be granted as a result of at least one of the token balances being greater than zero.", "owner": "Amazon Technologies, Inc.", "owner_city": "Seattle", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Replicated database startup for common database storage", "publication_date": "2014/11/11", "number": "09613120", "url": "/2014/11/11/replicated-database-startup-for-common-database-storage2/", "abstract": "Read-only nodes of a distributed database system may perform replicated database startup for common database storage. A read-only node may request a view of a database from a master node to initialize the read-only node for servicing queries. An indication of the view may be received and portions of data maintained for the distributed database may be read from a common data store maintaining the data for the database according to the indicated view of the database. In-memory data structures at the read-only node for servicing queries may be initialized based on the portions of data read from the common data store. The read-only node may then be made available for servicing queries.", "owner": "Amazon Technologies, Inc.", "owner_city": "Reno", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Stateless microkernel web server architecture", "publication_date": "2014/06/11", "number": "09398069", "url": "/2014/11/06/stateless-microkernel-web-server-architecture/", "abstract": "A method for serving enterprise commerce between a stateless microkernel architecture HTTP server program executed on a server device and an HTTP client program executed on a client computing device is disclosed. The method includes receiving an HTTP request including a plurality of client attributes and a plurality of resource operations from an HTTP client program, reading the plurality of client attributes from the HTTP request, and splitting the HTTP request into a plurality of individual resource operations at a splitter/combiner agent. For each individual resource operation, the method includes determining a destination URL and content type from a content type header of the HTTP request, comparing the client attributes to stored client attribute profiles, retrieving matching existing resource representations, sending the retrieved existing resource representation to the splitter/combiner agent, combining retrieved resource representations into a combined resource representation, and sending the combine resource representation to the HTTP client program.", "owner": "Elastic Path Software, Inc.", "owner_city": "Vancouver", "owner_country": "CA" }, { "title": "Dynamic scaling of storage volumes for storage client file systems", "publication_date": "2014/05/11", "number": "09628350", "url": "/2014/11/05/dynamic-scaling-of-storage-volumes-for-storage-client-file-systems2/", "abstract": "A network-based data store maintaining storage volumes for file systems at storage clients may implement dynamic storage volume scaling. A scaling event may be detected according to a specified scaling policy for a storage volume maintained at a network-based data store that is mounted at a storage client and configured for a file system. In a least some embodiments, the scaling policy for the storage volume may be received from the storage client. In response to detecting the storage event, storage maintaining the storage volume may be modified according to the scaling policy to scale the storage volume. An indication of the scaling event may be sent to the storage client in order to update the file system at the storage client so that the file system may utilize the scaled storage volume.", "owner": "Amazon Technologies, Inc.", "owner_city": "Reno", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Elevating trust in user identity during RESTful authentication and authorization", "publication_date": "2014/06/10", "number": "09485248", "url": "/2014/10/06/elevating-trust-in-user-identity-during-restful-authentication-and-authorization/", "abstract": "Credentials sent over a back channel during the authentication of a user to a RESTful service can elevate the trust the recipient system can place in the user's identity. The addition of an identity credential of higher strength can increase confidence in user identities electronically presented with a lower strength credential. Attributes from either credential can be used to determine authorization to a protected resource.", "owner": "Jericho Systems Corporation", "owner_city": "Dallas", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Systems and methods of access control and system integration", "publication_date": "2014/23/09", "number": "09117208", "url": "/2014/09/23/systems-and-methods-of-access-control-and-system-integration/", "abstract": "Automated provisioning, according to one example embodiment, enables a mutual customer to establish an intelligent and automated connection between an accounting software system and their financial institution. For example, this might be achieved by allowing a financial institution customer to make feeds from their bank accounts available to the accounting software system within financial internet software (e.g., hosted and operated by the customer's financial institution). Once a customer selects the bank account(s) they want to share with the accounting software system, they are passed along to the accounting software system to link the selected bank account with an account they have set up in the accounting software system.", "owner": "Xero Limited", "owner_city": "San Francisco", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "System and method for fast compatibility verification of REST API based on REST Chart", "publication_date": "2014/08/09", "number": "09654334", "url": "/2014/09/08/system-and-method-for-fast-compatibility-verification-of-rest-api-based-on-rest-chart2/", "abstract": "Various disclosed embodiments include methods and systems for determining whether representational state transfer (REST) application programming interfaces (APIs) are compatible. A method is performed by a processing system that includes a processor. The method comprises obtaining a first REST Chart describing a first version of a REST API and obtaining a second REST Chart describing a second version of a REST API. The method comprises determining whether the first version and the second version are compatible using the first REST Chart and the second REST Chart by determining whether a compatible path exists between the first REST Chart and the second REST Chart.", "owner": "FUTUREWEI TECHNOLOGIES, INC.", "owner_city": "Plano", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Method and apparatus for the remote supply, display and/or presentation of dynamic informative contents", "publication_date": "2014/26/08", "number": "09589218", "url": "/2014/08/26/method-and-apparatus-for-the-remote-supply-display-andor-presentation-of-dynamic-informative-contents2/", "abstract": "Method for the remote supply, display and/or presentation of dynamic informative contents by generating a QR code with a dynamic content, which provides to define a quantity n of a series of QR codes to be generated, to generate x URL addresses on the Internet, until x=n, to verify the univocity of each of the x URL addresses generated, by comparing them with a list of URL addresses, to generate n QR codes, each encoding the x=n URL addresses generated and verified as univocal, to assign a generated and univocal URL address to a specific accredited service user in a form that can be loaded and modified dynamically, to configure the generated and assigned URL address in order to display the informative contents, to optically acquire the QR code and to decode the encoded URL address, directing the user to the informative contents of the URL address.", "owner": "QUZZUP SRL", "owner_city": "Dogana", "owner_country": "SM" }, { "title": "Providing data volume recovery access in a distributed data store to multiple recovery agents", "publication_date": "2014/20/08", "number": "09424140", "url": "/2014/08/20/providing-data-volume-recovery-access-in-a-distributed-data-store-to-multiple-recovery-agents/", "abstract": "A distributed data store may provide volume recovery access to multiple recovery agents. A data volume may be maintained for a storage client at the distributed data store. Write access to the data volume may be granted according to a single writer consistency scheme. When a recovery event is detected for the data volume, the data volume may be made available to multiple recovery agents that may perform respective recovery operations. Upon first completion of a recovery operation for the data volume, granting access to the data volume according to the single writer consistency scheme may be resumed. In some embodiments, the distributed data store may be a log-structured data store.", "owner": "Amazon Technologies, Inc.", "owner_city": "Reno", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Automating client development for network APIs", "publication_date": "2014/20/08", "number": "09398081", "url": "/2014/08/20/automating-client-development-for-network-apis/", "abstract": "System and method of automating client development for an application programming interface (API). An embodiment includes an apparatus capable of receiving information regarding a target application resource accessible by an API, and of generating a selected sequence of API calls based on weighted transitions in an API model representing resources needed for a client to perform interactions with the API. The apparatus is able to automatically generate a client program for interacting with the API according to a sequence of API calls. Additionally, methods are described for converting a model of an API into a directed, weighted graph, allowing determination of a selected sequence of API calls to access a target application resource. The API may be a Representational State Transfer API (REST API) implemented for a software defined network (SDN).", "owner": "Futurewei Technologies, Inc.", "owner_city": "Plano", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Adaptable application programming interfaces and specification of same", "publication_date": "2014/14/08", "number": "09160789", "url": "/2014/08/14/adaptable-application-programming-interfaces-and-specification-of-same/", "abstract": "Aspects of the disclosure relate to defining and/or specifying an application programming interface (API) between a client and a computing device (such as a server) in a manner that the client, the computing device, or both, can evolve independently while preserving inter-operability.", "owner": "Comcast Cable Communications, LLC", "owner_city": "Philadelphia", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Display apparatus and method for controlling the display apparatus", "publication_date": "2014/11/07", "number": "09041862", "url": "/2014/07/11/display-apparatus-and-method-for-controlling-the-display-apparatus/", "abstract": "A multifunctional display device includes a processor to control display of information during booting of an operating system. The operating system is booted in response to a predetermined signal and displayed the information includes first information corresponding to visual information, and second information indicating that the operating system is currently booting. The operating system is one which controls display of multimedia content.", "owner": "LG Electronics Inc.", "owner_city": "Seoul", "owner_country": "KR" }, { "title": "System and method for real-time processing, storage, indexing, and delivery of segmented video", "publication_date": "2014/30/06", "number": "09100679", "url": "/2014/06/30/system-and-method-for-realtime-processing-storage-indexing-and-delivery-of-segmented-video/", "abstract": "Disclosed embodiment providing for the capture of video content. The video content is segmented in real-time into clips by topic, and those clips are delivered as customized queues of video items relevant to the consumer according to their interests as aggregated from their social graph data and manual entry.", "owner": "MIXAROO, INC.", "owner_city": "Palo Alto", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Software container recommendation service", "publication_date": "2014/19/06", "number": "09122562", "url": "/2014/06/19/software-container-recommendation-service/", "abstract": "A technology is described for a software container recommendation service. An example method may include collecting utilization metrics for an application hosted on a computing instance. The utilization metrics may be a measure of computing resources used by the application. The utilization metrics may be analyzed to determine a level of computing resources for the computing instance used by the application. A software container configuration for the application may be determined based at least in part on the utilization metrics when analysis of the utilization metrics indicates an underutilization of computing resources by the application. The specifications of the software container configuration may then be provided to a customer.", "owner": "Amazon Technologies, Inc.", "owner_city": "Seattle", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Discovering resources of a distributed computing environment", "publication_date": "2014/17/06", "number": "09590859", "url": "/2014/06/17/discovering-resources-of-a-distributed-computing-environment2/", "abstract": "Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for discovering resources of a distributed computing environment are provided. Embodiments include a management system transmitting an application program interface (API) message to the distributed computing environment. Embodiments also include the management system receiving from the distributed computing environment, a response to the API message and based on the response, identifying a resource of the distributed computing environment.", "owner": "International Business Machines Corporation", "owner_city": "Armonk", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "API notebook tool", "publication_date": "2014/10/06", "number": "09442700", "url": "/2014/06/10/api-notebook-tool/", "abstract": "Techniques for an application programming interface (API) notebook tool are disclosed. In some implementations, an API notebook is a tool, framework, and ecosystem that enables easy exploration of services that expose APIs, creation and documentation of examples, use cases and workflows, and publishing and collaboration of APIs. In some embodiments, systems, processes, and computer program products for an API notebook tool include receiving a request for a client for calling an API for a service, and dynamically generating the client for the API for the service.", "owner": "MuleSoft, Inc.", "owner_city": "San Francisco", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Multi-services application gateway and system employing the same", "publication_date": "2014/03/06", "number": "09569587", "url": "/2014/06/03/multiservices-application-gateway-and-system-employing-the-same2/", "abstract": "An intelligent gateway device provided at a premise (home or business) for providing and managing application services associated with use and support of a plurality of digital endpoint devices associated with the premises. The device includes a communications and processing infrastructure integrated with a peer and presence messaging based communications protocol for enabling communications between the device and an external support network and between the device and connected digital endpoint devices. A services framework at the gateway device implements the communications and processing infrastructure for enabling service management, service configuration, and authentication of user of services at the intelligent gateway. The framework provides a storage and execution environment for supporting and executing received service logic modules relating to use, management, and support of the digital endpoint devices. Thus, the gateway device provides a network-based services point of presence for a plurality of digital endpoint devices at the premises.", "owner": "KIP PROD PI LP", "owner_city": "New York", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Computer security threat sharing", "publication_date": "2014/02/06", "number": "09325732", "url": "/2014/06/02/computer-security-threat-sharing/", "abstract": "A computer security threat sharing technology is described. A computer security threat is recognized at an organization. A partner network graph is queried for security nodes connected to a first security node representing the organization. The first security node is connected to at least a second security node representing a trusted security partner of the organization. The second security node is associated with identification information. The computer security threat recognized by the organization is communicated to the trusted security partner using the identification information associated with the second security node.", "owner": "Amazon Technologies, Inc.", "owner_city": "Seattle", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Real-time asynchronous event aggregation systems", "publication_date": "2014/29/05", "number": "09348788", "url": "/2014/05/29/realtime-asynchronous-event-aggregation-systems/", "abstract": "A real-time asynchronous event aggregation system, method, and network device are configured to capture real-time asynchronous events, and to pass them as input to one or more aggregation engines to determine a reputation for a target. The aggregation engine(s) may then send out notifications where a reputation category changes for a target, indicating that an action may be taken to inhibit spam messages from the target, highlight a display of content from the target, or the like. As such, the event-driven aggregation engines may be designed to capture real-time asynchronous events, such as reputation reports for a wide variety of activities, including, but not limited to spam and/or not-spam messages, determining a reputation on a posting of comments to a movie, a blog posting, a play list posting, or the like. In one embodiment, a reputation of the sender of the reputation event may also be determined.", "owner": "YAHOO! INC.", "owner_city": "Sunnyvale", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Object-backed block-based distributed storage", "publication_date": "2014/23/05", "number": "09639546", "url": "/2014/05/23/objectbacked-blockbased-distributed-storage2/", "abstract": "An object-backed block-based storage system may store data blocks in a block cache in a non-relational database and data block objects in an object data store. Access requests for a particular data block may be received at a storage protocol target that are formatted according to a network-based storage protocol. Translated access requests formatted according to respective programmatic interfaces may be generated and sent to the non-relational database or to the object data store in order to access the particular data block. A response indicating success or failure of the access request may be sent.", "owner": "Amazon Technologies, Inc.", "owner_city": "Reno", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Event queuing and distribution system", "publication_date": "2014/15/05", "number": "09654566", "url": "/2014/05/15/event-queuing-and-distribution-system2/", "abstract": "A REST-based event distribution system is described, with particular applicability to the distribution of distributed filesystem notifications over a high-latency best-effort network such as the Internet. In one embodiment, event channels are mapped to URL spaces and created and distributed through the use of HTTP POST and GET requests. The system is optimized for short polling by clients; an event history is maintained to buffer messages and maintain the idempotence of requests. In another embodiment, the events are registered as a SIP event pack allowing for the distribution of filesystem events.", "owner": "Rackspace US, Inc.", "owner_city": "San Antonio", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Delivery of authentication information to a RESTful service using token validation scheme", "publication_date": "2014/21/04", "number": "09300653", "url": "/2014/04/21/delivery-of-authentication-information-to-a-restful-service-using-token-validation-scheme/", "abstract": "Information useful for authenticating an entity is sent over a back channel during the authentication of an entity to a RESTful service. The delivery of the entity-related information is triggered by the validation of a service ticket received by the authentication component of the RESTful service.", "owner": "JERICHO SYSTEMS CORPORATION", "owner_city": "Dallas", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Method and apparatus for visual dynamic discovery and analytics exploration application on static and/or real-time data using an a priori model-free process", "publication_date": "2014/17/04", "number": "09471629", "url": "/2014/04/17/method-and-apparatus-for-visual-dynamic-discovery-and-analytics-exploration-application-on-static-andor-realtime-data-using-an-a-priori-modelfree-proc/", "abstract": "A computer system, a computer-readable non-transitory medium, and/or a computer-implemented method generates analytics applicable to data of an undetermined structure and type. A processor device receives data formatted in an undetermined structure. The processor device discovers, in a cross filter model processor, dynamically in response to receiving the data in the undetermined structure, a structure and a data type of the data which was received in the undetermined structure. The processor device determines, in response to the structure and the data type of the data discovered by the cross filter model processor, which of a plurality of analytic queries are applicable to the data.", "owner": "Software AG USA Inc.", "owner_city": "Reston", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Log record management", "publication_date": "2014/07/03", "number": "09501501", "url": "/2014/03/07/log-record-management/", "abstract": "A database system may maintain a plurality of log records at a distributed storage system. Each of the plurality of log records may be associated with a respective change to a data page. The plurality of log records may be transformed (e.g., cropped, prune, reduce, fused, deleted, merged, added, etc.).", "owner": "Amazon Technologies, Inc.", "owner_city": "Reno", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Database system with database engine and separate distributed storage service", "publication_date": "2014/07/03", "number": "09514007", "url": "/2014/03/07/database-system-with-database-engine-and-separate-distributed-storage-service/", "abstract": "A database system may include a database service and a separate distributed storage service. The database service (or a database engine head node thereof) may be responsible for query parsing, optimization, and execution, transactionality, and consistency, while the storage service may be responsible for generating data pages from redo log records and for durability of those data pages. For example, in response to a write request directed to a particular data page, the database engine head node may generate a redo log record and send it, but not the data page, to a storage service node. The storage service node may store the redo log record and return a write acknowledgement to the database service prior to applying the redo log record. The server node may apply the redo log record and other redo log records to a previously stored version of the data page to create a current version.", "owner": "Amazon Technologies, Inc.", "owner_city": "Reno", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Bulk uploading of multiple self-referencing objects", "publication_date": "2014/20/02", "number": "09398068", "url": "/2014/02/20/bulk-uploading-of-multiple-selfreferencing-objects/", "abstract": "A computer implemented method, computer program product, and system for performing create, read, update, or delete operations on a plurality of resources in a client-server environment. In an embodiment, the computer implemented method includes the steps of identifying individual resources requiring operations to be performed, assigning local references for any resources to which a URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) has not been provided by the server, generating metadata describing the local references and operations to be performed, wrapping each individual resource with the metadata to provide a plurality of wrapped resources arranging the wrapped resources into a single payload, and transmitting the single payload to the server.", "owner": "International Business Machines Corporation", "owner_city": "Armonk", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Piecewise-linear and piecewise-affine subspace transformations for high dimensional touchpad (HDTP) output decoupling and corrections", "publication_date": "2014/07/02", "number": "09389713", "url": "/2014/02/07/piecewiselinear-and-piecewiseaffine-subspace-transformations-for-high-dimensional-touchpad-hdtp-output-decoupling-and-corrections/", "abstract": "Methods for piecewise-linear and piecewise-affine transformations parameter decoupling in High Dimensional Touchpad (HDTP) user touch interfaces including those with multitouch capabilities are described. A calculation chain provides a first-order calculation of a subset of a collection of touch parameters (including for example left-right, front-back, downward pressure, roll angle, pitch angle, yaw angle) responsive in real-time to user touch on a touch-responsive sensor array. A piecewise-affine transformation is applied to these first-order calculations to produce parameter decoupling. The piecewise-affine transformation can be structured to depend only on current numerical values from the first-order calculation. Alternatively, the piecewise-affine transformation can be structured to additionally depend on the positive or negative direction of change over time of at least one numerical value from the first-order calculation, thereby providing a correction for hysteresis effects.", "owner": "", "owner_city": "San Antonio", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Discovering resources of a distributed computing environment", "publication_date": "2014/07/01", "number": "09584372", "url": "/2014/01/07/discovering-resources-of-a-distributed-computing-environment2/", "abstract": "Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for discovering resources of a distributed computing environment are provided. Embodiments include a management system transmitting an application program interface (API) message to the distributed computing environment. Embodiments also include the management system receiving from the distributed computing environment, a response to the API message and based on the response, identifying a resource of the distributed computing environment.", "owner": "International Business Machines Corporation", "owner_city": "Armonk", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Method and apparatus for browsing using alternative linkbases", "publication_date": "2014/06/01", "number": "08914840", "url": "/2014/01/06/method-and-apparatus-for-browsing-using-alternative-linkbases/", "abstract": "Systems and methods for navigating hypermedia using multiple coordinated input/output device sets. Disclosed systems and methods allow a user and/or an author to control what resources are presented on which device sets (whether they are integrated or not), and provide for coordinating browsing activities to enable such a user interface to be employed across multiple independent systems. Disclosed systems and methods also support new and enriched aspects and applications of hypermedia browsing and related business activities.", "owner": "", "owner_city": "", "owner_country": "" } ]