[ { "title": "", "publication_date": "2018/02/06", "number": "", "url": "/2018/06/02/2014-08-14-controlling-access-by-code/", "abstract": "", "owner": "", "owner_city": "", "owner_country": "" }, { "title": "Computer-assisted collaborative tagging of video content for indexing and table of contents generation", "publication_date": "2014/14/11", "number": "09396763", "url": "/2014/11/14/computerassisted-collaborative-tagging-of-video-content-for-indexing-and-table-of-contents-generation/", "abstract": "Methods and systems for generation of an index and Table-of-Contents (ToC) for videos based on user given labels or a combination of user input and automated indexing techniques are provided. According to one embodiment, an annotation tool and a video player are presented to individual subscribers/users of a video discovery and consumption service. Tags proposed by the subscribers to be associated with various portions of the video content are received, processed and integrated within a global ToC for the video. The service can assist subscribers that intend to tag a certain portion of video by automatically proposing suitable tags and portion boundaries. Subscribers can vote on the suitability of tags constituting the ToC. Responsive to a request to view video content, a customized ToC is presented to a subscriber which include labels selected from the global ToC in accordance with default tag selection/filtering criteria or filtering criteria specified by subscriber.", "owner": "ClipMine, Inc.", "owner_city": "Santa Clara", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Secure communication of payment information to merchants using a verification token", "publication_date": "2014/09/10", "number": "09582801", "url": "/2014/10/09/secure-communication-of-payment-information-to-merchants-using-a-verification-token2/", "abstract": "Disclosed are apparatuses, systems, and methods pertaining to the secure communication of payment information from portable consumer devices, such as credit cards, to online merchants using verification tokens.", "owner": "Visa International Service Association", "owner_city": "San Francisco", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Object-relational mapping based on virtual columns", "publication_date": "2014/28/08", "number": "09430554", "url": "/2014/08/28/objectrelational-mapping-based-on-virtual-columns/", "abstract": "A server system allows object relational mapping. Objects of an object type are stored as records in a table corresponding to the object type. The server system allows new attributes to be added to an object type without altering the corresponding table. The object type comprises a set of mapped attributes that correspond to distinct columns of the associated table. The object type further comprises unmapped attributes that fail to map to distinct columns of the table. The table is associated with a virtual column for storing the unmapped attributes. The unmapped attributes of an object of the object type are encoded into a value and stored in the virtual column. The virtual column may be a column of the same table or a column of an auxiliary table. The unmapped attributes may also be stored as name value pairs in an auxiliary table associated with the table.", "owner": "Weebly, Inc.", "owner_city": "San Francisco", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Adaptive observation of behavioral features on a mobile device", "publication_date": "2014/30/06", "number": "09330257", "url": "/2014/06/30/adaptive-observation-of-behavioral-features-on-a-mobile-device/", "abstract": "Methods, devices and systems for detecting suspicious or performance-degrading mobile device behaviors intelligently, dynamically, and/or adaptively determine computing device behaviors that are to be observed, the number of behaviors that are to be observed, and the level of detail or granularity at which the mobile device behaviors are to be observed. The various aspects efficiently identify suspicious or performance-degrading mobile device behaviors without requiring an excessive amount of processing, memory, or energy resources.", "owner": "QUALCOMM Incorporated", "owner_city": "San Diego", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Virtual service automation", "publication_date": "2014/23/03", "number": "09531609", "url": "/2014/03/23/virtual-service-automation/", "abstract": "A data source is identified that includes transaction data describing a set of transactions involving a particular software component and each transaction in the set of transactions includes a request and a corresponding response to the request. In some aspects, a modification to the data source is detected and the service model is caused to be generated based on detecting the modification. The service model is to model responses of the particular software component to requests in transactions based at least in part on the transaction data. A virtual service is caused to be generated based on the service model. The resulting virtual service can be configured to receive requests and generate virtual responses to the requests based on the service model to simulate responses of the particular software component.", "owner": "CA, Inc.", "owner_city": "Islandia", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Knowledge capture and discovery system", "publication_date": "2014/14/03", "number": "09430549", "url": "/2014/03/14/knowledge-capture-and-discovery-system/", "abstract": "A system for knowledge capture and discovery comprises a knowledge repository in which all input data is stored as objects and relationships between objects, and which input data may be stored according to more than one storage format. At least two hierarchical user interfaces provide input mechanisms to obtain the input data, object information concerning the input data and relationship information concerning the input data, thereby permitting end user applications to be developed. A controller receives the input data, object information and relationship information from the at least two hierarchical user interfaces and causes the input data to be stored in the knowledge repository as an object based on the object information and the relationship information.", "owner": "BEULAHWORKS, LLC", "owner_city": "Valparaiso", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Computer vision as a service", "publication_date": "2014/14/03", "number": "09152870", "url": "/2014/03/14/computer-vision-as-a-service/", "abstract": "A computer vision service includes technologies to, among other things, analyze computer vision or learning tasks requested by computer applications, select computer vision or learning algorithms to execute the requested tasks based on one or more performance capabilities of the computer vision or learning algorithms, perform the computer vision or learning tasks for the computer applications using the selected algorithms, and expose the results of performing the computer vision or learning tasks for use by the computer applications.", "owner": "SRI INTERNATIONAL", "owner_city": "Menlo Park", "owner_country": "US" } ]